2014-11-27 15:48:33

Scent-Signatures and how to measure their performance

 The monitoring of the scent-signature released from cosmetic products is a complex task. Dr. Hansruedi Gygax gives an overview of state of the art sensory and analytical approaches.

The Odournet Group, the largest team of experts in consultancy for environmental odour assessments and olfactory product and material testing has the most complete capacities for providing services focused on sensory and analytical odour measurement techniques and also combinations thereof.  Consumers pay more and more attention to scents, and to a healthy environment. Often the presence of malodours is perceived as compromised hygiene or even as health threats. The increasing use of highly functional cosmetic products reflects how much consumers care about their health, their appearance, and they also request longer-lasting protection against body odour formation, which has been recently described by D. McCamlie in his article about Malodour Management in the context of sweat formation.


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